The director of Ancap of Cabildo Abierto resigned

The director of Ancap of Cabildo Abierto resigned

José Luis Alonso had been in favor of dismissing Irene Moreira, which cost him harsh criticism within his own party, from which he also stepped aside.

Despite having declared that he would not resign his position as director for Town meeting in the National Administration of Fuel, Alcohol and Portland (Ancap), Jose Luis Alonso confirmed this Tuesday to the press his resignationpossibly pushed by the criticism received from his own party for being in favor of the dismissal of the former Minister of Housing, Irene Moreiraafter the scandal for having delivered a house without lottery to a militant from his own organization.

As reported by the Underlined outlet, José Luis Alonso resigned from the position of director of Ancap for Cabildo Abierto, something he had denied a week ago when the controversy within his party grew over the case of Irene Moreira, former Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning. The lobbyist deputy Alvaro Perrone I had asked for the resignation of Alonso, and affirmed that in case he did not do it, I would denounce it before the Electoral Court.

As he assured Radio Carve, Perrone’s anger with Alonso resided in the fact that he understands that, although “he is completely free to give his opinion, but on a strictly political issue, he, as director of an entity, can’t talk about politics“, and in that”the constitution is clear“.

The Ancap chief had insisted that he would not leave his position, and that “like every good republican I would wholeheartedly support to Lacalle Pou, since, from his point of view, he had not made any mistake in the request for resigns to Moreira.

In addition, he explained that he had not received a communication from the CA leader, Senator Guido Manini Riosfor him to leave office, but he was aware of his party’s intentions.

A statement in vain

In a statement to the press, Alonso had taken aim at detractors within his party, saying: “I do not concede, I do not shut up, I’m not leaving“and assured that it will continue”of his own free will in office“.

When asked if he would distance himself from CA, Alonso limited himself to saying that he cannot talk about political issues, but that it is “evident” that he still belongs to that force.

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