Every fourth person in Austria has been lonelier since Corona

Every fourth person in Austria has been lonelier since Corona
Loneliness is also a health risk
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Loneliness has not only been a phenomenon in Austria since the corona crisis. At a press conference in Vienna, Caritas warned that the pandemic and price increases had proven to accelerate the fire. According to a survey, every fourth person reported greater loneliness due to Corona. Poverty also exacerbates the situation: every third person with a low household income has to limit social contacts.

“Loneliness is a phenomenon that we as a society urgently need to pay more attention to,” said Caritas Director of the Archdiocese of Vienna, Klaus Schwertner. He referred to the Netherlands or Great Britain, where politicians are already dealing with the issue.

In the survey, in which more than 1,000 people nationwide were questioned by the social research institute SORA, the majority saw it the same way: 53 percent wanted politicians to take measures against loneliness. 17 percent stated that they had to limit social contacts due to price increases. Overall, a quarter feels lonelier due to the corona pandemic.

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