Supermarket chains ruled out a shortage of bottled water

Supermarket chains ruled out a shortage of bottled water

The general manager of the association that brings them together asked the population for “calm” and maintained that the shortages are due to the speed of replacement.

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The general manager of the Association of Supermarkets of Uruguay (TO ITS), Daniel Menendezheld this Tuesday at a press conference that there will be no shortage of bottled water in the metropolitan area in view of the skyrocketing demand.

Menendez asked “calm” to the population and explained that some shortages in gondolas are due to the speed of replacement by supermarkets and not to a drop in stock.

OSE’s measures to increase salinity in tap water caused many people who drank it directly from the tap to buy bottled mineral water without gas. “It is notorious that water consumption has increased as a result of the salinity of OSE water”, since “the sale is two or three times higher than usual“, held.

The minister of Public health (MSP), Karina Randoinsisted that peopleyoung and healthycan consume OSE water“except that the taste is not the same and it is not pleasant, but it does not have health problems”.

The ASU recognized some limitations in the water supply chain.

However, Menéndez indicated that this situation of merchandise rotation “is not going to generate problems of shortages, and”there will be no problems with water supply in the short and medium term“. The spokesman did not fail to acknowledge that the logistics chain is highly demanded given that it is “armed” for a certain level of usual consumption, for which reason it valued the purchase unit purchase limits imposed by supermarkets.

Menéndez denied that there have been price increases due to the growing demandand it was pointed out that the situation of concern has occurred more than anything in the southern part of the country, since on the coast there is a lot of consumption on the Argentine side, and in the east on the Brazilian side, in those places “there are not so many difficulties “, he concluded.

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