the Ministry of Environment did not verify changes in the course of the Santa Lucía river

the Ministry of Environment did not verify changes in the course of the Santa Lucía river

However, Undersecretary Gerardo Amarilla confirmed that the work of a sand company did affect native forests.

Photo: Municipality of Canelones

After the mayor of cannelloni, Yamandu Orsipublicly denounced that there were companies, presumably sand companies, or linked to illegal mining, that were affecting the course of the river. Santa Lucia Riverthe undersecretary of Ministry of Environment, Gerardo Amarillaassured in a press conference that the technical team of the portfolio no changes in the course of the water.

However, Amarilla confirmed that the activity of a sand company did affect native forestsafter the technicians from the Environment and the Canelones Municipality went to the scene to observe the night work of the company.

Amarilla explained that from Ambiente they are working on the care of the river, which is going through a very “delicate” as a result of the volume problems that it has had due to the drought, and its repercussion on the scarcity of water supplied to the metropolitan area by SBI.

Environment will investigate if the sand pit did not have valid permits

Orsi had shared a video on his Twitter account in which machines could be seen operating on the slope of Santa Lucía late at night. Now, Environment will try to verify if the sand pit permits have expiredand if they worked at night to go unnoticed by the authorities.

Although the video is recent, recorded last Friday, May 12, the Canarian chief had already personally delivered information about possible illegal mining activities to authorities of the Ministry of Environment in the Executive Tower, at that time he had denounced that the operations were taking place “a few kilometers from the water intake in San Ramon”.

If it is verified that the company did not have the corresponding permits in due time and form, the State could impose Fines from $4,000 to $8,000and, if a new irregularity is found in the future, the fine could be even higher.

Source: Ambito

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