Marcos Galperín was rebuked on Twitter for the water crisis

Marcos Galperín was rebuked on Twitter for the water crisis
Marcos Galperín was rebuked on Twitter for the water crisis

Marcos Galperinfounder and CEO of Mercado Libre, was rebuked on Twitter by the Argentine businessman Leo Bilanski by water crisis who currently lives Uruguay.

Galperin, who settled in Uruguay years ago, was captivated by Bilanski, who wrote: “Ahh, but there is legal certainty… did you contemplate this in the business model?” together with the headline of a news item that gave an account of the restrictive measures for the use of water in the country as a result of the lack of reserves.

“Make yourself seen” was the first reaction of the CEO of Mercado Libre to the provocative tweet. Shortly after he made a post in which he posted a screenshot of the first crossing and accused Bilanski of deleting his first post.


“Don’t delete any messages my friend. YOU make yourself see that you parasitize the State and the Argentine market and go to another country to avoid taxes, “replied the leader of the Association of National Entrepreneurs for Argentine Development (ENAC).


Marcos Galperin is a strong critic of the legal conditions and political stability in Argentina, which is why he settled in Uruguay and moved Mercado Libre offices to the free service zone in Montevideo.

What are you talking about when you mention the water crisis?

The drought the country is facing, the largest in the last century, damaged the drinking water reserves, leading the state company OSE to increase the level of salinity in it to extend its availability for Montevideo and cannelloni.

This unleashed all kinds of problems for civil society and industry and generated a new counterpoint between the ruling party and the opposition. The government should have subsidized the delivery of bottled water for risk groups and ancapFor example, analyze a plan so as not to affect refinement tasks.

Despite this, two days ago the authorities announced that the metropolitan area only has potable water reserves for 18 more days.

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