For Jorge Lanata, in Uruguay the economy lost dimension and people earn poorly

For Jorge Lanata, in Uruguay the economy lost dimension and people earn poorly

The blunt and controversial Argentine journalist, Jorge Lanata, He spoke to the Uruguayan media about current events in his country and also took the opportunity to give his opinions on current events in Uruguay, flattering the president Luis Lacalle Pouquestioning José mujica and saying that the economy lost its dimension.

In an interview with Radio Sarandí, Jorge Lanata spoke about the news from your country, which this year will undergo general elections. In his speech, he referred to the ideological rift that affects Argentine politics and also spoke about the future of Javier Miley, one of the most controversial candidates in the Argentine elections and whose fans booed former President Mujica when he presented his book in Buenos Aires this week.

“The political environment in Argentina is strange. Javier Milei will probably enter the ballot, which is something very unexpected. The problem with the rift in Argentina is that both parties think that the other party should disappear instead of living together,” the journalist explained.

Uruguay is expensive

The journalist explained that he visits the country several times a year, specifically east point and he opined that he finds it very expensive, even for the Uruguayans themselves. “Now people say that Uruguay is very good, but I don’t see it as good, I think people are not earning well”, he remarked.

“What I see regarding everyday life and the economy is that dimension has been lost for anything they say ‘well, give me 200 dollars… Shut the fuck up! how 200 dollars? Or 400, or whatever”, he criticized and added that these types of situations became normal and “now that the weight has been valued [uruguayo] it is worse”.

In this sense, he remarked that “people are having a difficult time” referring, especially, to the middle and lower middle class. “I see Uruguay as better in many things, but I don’t see it as ideal either,” she explained.

A policy of dialogue

Regarding politics, the Argentine communicator highlighted the policy of dialogue that Uruguay has and gave an example of the relationship between the former president Julio Maria Sanguinetti and Jose Mujica. “There are things that fascinate us about Uruguaylike what the state transcends governments, which is what has to happen, because there are things that are of interest to the country, beyond the governments on duty,” he remarked. In this sense, he praised the policy and the plan of the president Lacalle Pou during the pandemic which he called “bold” but which finally worked.

Lanata also referred to former president Pepe Mujica as an interesting politician, but classified him as “an old left.” A pity because it seems that a new left is not emerging in Uruguay. At times Mujica seems to me to be a Mujica character and that’s where I disengage,” said Lanata.

Susana Giménez also complained about the prices in Punta del Este

At the beginning of March, the Argentine host and resident of Uruguay, Susana Gimenez, had also criticized the country’s prices by establishing that, in the United States, specifically Miamiyou pay less than in Punta del Este.

Currently, the diva lives in Punta del Este, in her house “La Mary”, since the mandatory quarantine was installed in Argentina in 2020 during the pandemic.

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