Unpublished 3D images of the Titanic revealed

Unpublished 3D images of the Titanic revealed

He first scan in three dimensions (3D) complete of the titanic It was revealed this Wednesday, and allows us to observe it as if it were extracted from the bottom of the sea. This new digital discovery it can help scientists determine more precisely the conditions of the most famous shipwreck, which occurred in 1912.

Unpublished images in high resolution reconstruct in great detail the wreckage of the ship, which is found in the North Atlantic at a depth of more than 3,800 meters. Are were published by the BBCand were created using deep sea mapping.

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Explorations of the wreckage of the Titanic

He luxurious ocean liner shipwrecked after colliding with an iceberg on her maiden voyage, she left the English city of Southampton for New York, United States, in April 1912. Of the 2,224 passengers and crew who were on board the ship more than 1,500 died.

Their remains were the subject of numerous explorations since they were discovered for the first time in 1985 about 650 km off the coast of Canada, but the cameras were never able to capture the ship in its entirety.

This reconstruction was carried out in 2022 by the underwater mapping company Magellan Ltd and by Atlantic Productionswhich in turn is making a documentary about the project.

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New 3D images of the ocean liner

Several remote controlled submersibles from a specialized ship more than 200 hours passed inspecting the remains of “Titanic” in it bottom of the atlantic and they took more than 700 thousand images to create the scanner. They were not allowed to touch anything “so as not to damage the remains”explained to the BBC Gerhard Seiffert, responsible for Magellan Ltdwho led the expedition.

The other challenge was that every square inch had to be mappedeven the uninteresting parts: like the mud between the rubble, which are needed however to fill the space between interesting objects“, he explained.

The images show the ship, with the stern and bow separated and surrounded by debris, revealing even the smallest details, such as the serial number of one of the propellers.

The new scanners could shed more light about what exactly happened to the ocean liner, at a time when historians and scientists are working against the clock in the face of the continuous disintegration of its remains.

now at last We managed to see the ‘Titanic’ without human interpretationsdirectly from tests and dataParks Stephenson, a historian and engineer who has spent many years studying the most famous shipwreck in history, told the BBC.

Source: Ambito

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