Danube in Vienna reached flood level: “No danger for the city”

Danube in Vienna reached flood level: “No danger for the city”
The ducks are happy: In the federal capital, the cycle path next to the Vienna River is flooded.

The level at the Korneuburg location, which is relevant for Vienna, will be around 5.60 meters in the coming hours, said Municipal Department 45 (Vienna Waters) in a broadcast. However, no particular effects are to be expected, the alarming of employees is routine, it was emphasized.

“Vienna is well prepared”

“Thanks to the New Danube and the Danube Island, Vienna’s Danube flood protection is prepared for a multiple of the forecast water volume,” explained Gerald Loew, Head of the Vienna Waters Department (MA 45). The forecasts do not indicate any significant further increase and the flooding is likely to be short-lived. “But even in the case of floods of the century, such as those that last occurred in 2002 and 2013, Vienna is well prepared and has not suffered any significant damage,” assured Loew.

What happens when the level is high?

From a water level of 5.30 meters in the Danube near Korneuburg, the weir fields of the intake structure are overflowed and the Danube floodwater initially flows into the New Danube without any action being taken. From a level of 5.90 meters, the weir fields are slowly opened and the floodwater is drained off in a controlled manner. Due to the inflow of the Danube water, a bathing ban applies to the New Danube for water hygiene reasons with immediate effect. The two pontoon bridges over the New Danube, the Copa-Steg and the Waluliso Bridge, were pulled in.

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