Salzburg: burglar fell asleep with loot on park bench

Salzburg: burglar fell asleep with loot on park bench
The man fell asleep on a park bench (symbol image)
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

Thursday morning police officers in the Andräviertel in Salzburg checked a sleeping man on a park bench – he obviously had stolen goods next to him. The officers found electrical items in their original packaging in several bags – the company whose name was on the products had been broken into during the night. A window was smashed and there were other electronic devices lying around nearby, the police reported on Thursday.

The man was unable to testify because he was impaired by various substances, so law enforcement arrested him. The medical officer later ordered an examination of the 27-year-old Afghan at the university hospital. Among other things, he stole laptops, cell phones, a tool backpack, a ceiling light and a Stanley knife and is reported. The stolen items were returned to the owner.

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