Google, in the midst of contradictions between Environment and Industry

Google, in the midst of contradictions between Environment and Industry

The ministries directed by Robert Bouvier and Omar Paganini disagreed regarding the continuity of the data center project that the company has in Canelones.

The minister of Environment, Robert Bouvier, announced that “the draft Google withdrew” from Uruguay for reasons that were not communicated to the portfolio he directs, and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) came out to deny the news, stating that the data center in cannelloni “still stands”.

Several hours of uncertainty surrounded the Google project to install a data center in the department of Canelones, after the announcement by the head of the Environment, Bouvier, that the company had withdrawn the original initiative.

The news was given after the journalistic consultation on whether it was true that the infrastructure that the important international company had planned to build was going to consume 7 million cubic millimeters of water per day, in the midst of multiple questions about the government’s management of the water crisis.

To this, Bouvier replied that your portfolio does not have any projects under study. “The original project was withdrawn. Right now we don’t have a project. He withdrew to put together a new, much smaller project. The project was withdrawn and today there is nothing”, explained the official on Radio Sarandí, and assured that he did not know the reasons behind the decision.

“Why are you withdrawing? you should ask google. I met them when They told me that it was on hold and in a restructuring stage. I had a meeting with them to internalize myself; I don’t remember the exact term they said, if it was suspended, restructured or is in an evaluation stage. What is true is that the project as it was is not going to be done ”, he affirmed.

The contradiction of the MIEM

However, a few hours after the news was known, the MIEM confirmed that the initiative “still stands”as communicated by the owner of this portfolio, Omar Paganini, to Montevideo Portal. Although Google is looking for an alternative to the original project —as Bouvier said— it will be done.

From the Ministry they clarified that the data center plan is being “restructured” due to various “changes that technology companies are facing”. Along these lines, Google told them that it is due to “their own overall business plan” and “it has nothing to do with anything local” such as the problem of increased salinity of the water in OSE.

Source: Ambito

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