Guillermo Lasso defended his decision to dissolve Congress

Guillermo Lasso defended his decision to dissolve Congress

The Ecuadorian president called for early elections as a result of the impeachment trial against him, in the framework of a trade agreement that generated losses in the state coffers.

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William Lasso defended this Thursday his decision to dissolve the Congress and call early elections in Ecuador in the middle of a political trial against the former president for fraudulent contracts that could harm the State.

In an interview for the news network CNN Lasso explained why he applied “cross death”: “It’s a reflection process several weeks, not to say several months, looking at a bellicose attitude of opponentswho decided to raise a impeachment accusing me of a crime that does not exist in the Ecuadorian Penal Codewhat is embezzled by omission and above all, without foundations, without evidence or witnesses”.

In relation to the contract signed for the transportation of crude oil with the international group Amazonas Tanker, which left losses of more than US$6 million, he pointed out that his opponents intended to “dismiss him on the basis of a contract that was not signed” during his government. , which is why he maintains that they are accusing him without evidence.”I did not dodge impeachment. I have not committed any sin”.

I wanted to go defend myself because I am innocentbecause I have not committed embezzlement and because they abusively tried to dismiss me on the basis of some contracts signed in the previous government, ”he added.

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They file a lawsuit of unconstitutionality against the dissolution of Parliament in Ecuador

Esteban Torres, elected as vice president of the Ecuadorian Parliament After the implementation of Lasso’s “cross death”, he appeared in the Constitutional Court to sue the measure that dissolves Congress and calls for elections as unconstitutional.

“We are going to present a lawsuit of unconstitutionality by the fund against the decree signed and signed by the President of the Republic that, illegitimately and unconstitutionally, dissolves the National Assembly,” explained the leader minutes before making the lawsuit official.

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