Ancap seeks a private partner to rescue the Portland and Cal business

Ancap seeks a private partner to rescue the Portland and Cal business

The auction, which seeks “reverse the deficit situation”, “rescue an emblematic business” for the company and “restore the competitiveness of the sector”, will be published in the next few hours.

The participation of the partner firm in the integral industrial and commercial association may be total or partial. In addition, as reported by the company in an official statement, the call will have three alternatives: a unique association with all plants; an association with the Paysandú plant; and an association with the Minas, Manga and Treinta y Tres plants.

In turn, the bidders must present a business plan that must take into account the personnel requirements and the minimum investments committed, said the official statement.

the phase of Receiving Offers will begin from the moment in which the opening of the tender is published by the State Purchases Regulatory Agency (ARCE)together with the contracts that will establish the conditions of the association, and it will be extended for 40 to 50 daysAs reported The country. Among all the offers, Ancap will choose one of them and make the award.

According to the statement from the state company, the process began in 2021 and consisted of several stages: a technical data room, a call for expressions of interest and competitive dialogue, and a phase of preparation of the bases and conditions of the final call.

Ancap tries to “save” the Portland and Cal business

Along with the news, Ancap’s board of directors acknowledged in its statement that the Portland and Cal business, “by mistake or omission, has been fatally neglected”.

In the same sense, he admitted that to save him, it is necessary to “overcome the technological obsolescence” of their plants, “the low mechanical reliability of certain critical production equipment, the consequently low labor efficiency per ton produced fixed and variable costs of production and, fundamentally, the lack of market to whom to sell what is produced”.

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