Criticism of the parish: the diocese takes a position

Criticism of the parish: the diocese takes a position
Michael Kraml
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

In a letter to the editor, the chairman of the Catholic men’s movement in the parish, Jo Steinberger, sharply criticized parish priest Nikola Prskalo and accused the deanery and diocese of silence and inactivity. Reason enough for the Steyrer Zeitung to ask the diocese’s communications office what the quarrels in the parish are all about and why a committed believer only knows how to help himself with a harsh letter to the editor.

The head of the communications office, Michael Kraml, suspects a long-standing personal conflict behind Steinberger’s sometimes drastic words. Regarding the specific accusation that church funds were being squandered, Kraml says: “I can rule that out and that would be difficult.” In the case of larger sums, invoices would have to be submitted, and the diocese and finance committee of the parish council would examine them. Kraml also denied Steinberger’s criticism that the higher-level deanery and diocese would operate like a secret lodge: “In Steyr, the two-year process for the new parish is currently underway. The future management trio has been appointed – now everything is being reorganized internally, a catalog of questions and Measures taken.” For reasons of service and church law alone, it is not possible to communicate every planned change immediately. “But there can be no question of secrecy.”

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