The United States and the rest of the G7 members prepare new sanctions against Russia

The United States and the rest of the G7 members prepare new sanctions against Russia

As for the sanctions on the country led by Putin, the United States has already imposed in the last year Harsh sanctions on Russian companies, banks and individualsand the next ad will look for reaffirm the determination of world powers to support Ukraine and put pressure on Moscow.

The announcement of new measures against Russia came from the hand of a US official who anticipated this Thursday before the press before the meeting that this will be one of the main topics of the Summit.

He assured that the efforts of the G7 are aimed at interrupting the Russia’s ability to obtain the materials What do you need for the battlefield?close the legal loopholes used to evade sanctionsfurther reduce the international dependence on russian energy and restrict Moscow’s access to the international financial system.

“Our commitment to further tightening the screws on Russia remains as firm as last year“, concluded the official.

G7: all the information about the 2023 Summit

This Friday A new G7 Summit will begin in Hiroshima and will last until Sunday the 21st. Although the central theme of the meeting will be the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, they will also address issues of global importance such as the climate change, artificial intelligence, food security, nuclear disarmament and economic resilience, among others.

Fumio Kishida, Japanese Prime Minister, in an interview with the local NHK channel, referred to the Russian invasion and maintained that a “protracted” conflict is expected, so he called on the G7 to “come together again and show strength and solidarity towards Ukraine”reported the Europa Press news agency.

“As the international community faces a turning point, I believe that there is no better place to have this conversation than in Hiroshima“he added, referring to the fact that that city was the scene in August 1945 of the explosion of an atomic bomb dropped by the United States.

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