From the fringes to the center of society “fly”

From the fringes to the center of society “fly”
A prize will be in the category “work together” forgive. (icon picture)
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People with disabilities have been working at the technology supplier Fronius in Pettenbach for more than 20 years. Together with Lebenshilfe, a workshop was created in the production halls which, according to co-managing director Volker Lenzeder, fulfills several purposes: to perceive people as a whole, to respect their individuality and to appreciate the diversity that arises from this.

When it comes to inclusion, many companies still have a high degree of ignorance. This is shown by a survey of HR managers conducted by the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

The dominant fears and worries of companies are, above all, a lack of productivity and the additional expenditure of time and personnel due to the hiring of people with disabilities in their own company.

The survey of companies that have already hired people with disabilities shows that these concerns are mostly unfounded. There, the challenge of inclusion is judged to be significantly lower. In order to get exactly these companies before the process, the state of Upper Austria is awarding a prize for inclusion for the first time this year. The “flying fish” is intended to honor volunteers, businesses and social organizations that contribute to the inclusion of people with disabilities. The prize is awarded in three categories. In the category “Living together” refers to those who use projects to bring people with disabilities into the mainstream of society. The second category “work together” affects local businesses that promote joint work in Upper Austria. And with “change together” organizations are addressed that strengthen inclusion with innovations.

Gala with award ceremony

Applications are still possible until May 31 at flying-fish.at. The best projects will be awarded trophies on June 22nd at a gala of togetherness in the Linz Music Theater. For Social Provincial Councilor Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer (VP), the award is a sign “that people with disabilities are not hidden on the fringes of our society, but exist in the middle – whether in housing, in everyday life or on the job market”.

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