Wolf cleared to be shot

Wolf cleared to be shot
The animal may be hunted for eight weeks in 45 hunting areas.
Image: APA/dpa/Lino Mirgeler

For the second time a wolf was released for shooting in Tyrol on Friday. The state government issued a corresponding ordinance for an animal in the Ötztal, which can now be shot in 45 hunting areas for eight weeks, according to a broadcast. A shooting ordinance for a wolf in East Tyrol was issued just last Wednesday.

“bad wolf”

The wolf in Ötztal is said to have killed four sheep in the area of ​​the Leierstalalm in the municipality of Umhausen between last Tuesday and Wednesday. “According to the definition, this is also a harmful wolf that can be released for shooting by the state government,” said the responsible LH deputy. Josef Geisler (VP). At the end of March, a wolf was recorded by a wildlife camera in Oetz. Wolves can then be shot down if, for example, they attack properly protected animals on home pastures or – as in this case – repeatedly attack grazing animals in alpine protection areas.

In order to offer hunters an “additional incentive to hunt down the harmful wolves”, the municipality of Umhausen (Imst district) has now decided to give a bonus on the kill, the “Tiroler Tageszeitung” reported. The district of Umhausen in which a wolf is killed is reimbursed half of the hunting lease by the municipality.


In April, an amendment to the law was passed in the Tyrolean state parliament, which now allows killing by decree and no longer by notice. Previous decisions had been overturned by the court several times after environmental protection organizations had successfully appealed them.

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