Skin, sun and more: Reach the OÖN doctor on the phone

Skin, sun and more: Reach the OÖN doctor on the phone
Dermatologist Johannes Neuhofer answers questions on the subject under the motto “Sun, skin and more”.
Image: Volker Weihbold

Summer is coming – and with it many questions about how to deal with the sun properly. “What SPF should I choose? How often should I get my moles checked? And what could be causing my rash?” Johannes Neuhofer not only answers questions like these every Saturday in the newspaper (column on the right), but also on the phone for the first time on Thursday, May 25, from 4 to 5 p.m.

The OÖN doctor is a passionate doctor and has been a dermatologist with his own practice in Linz for 30 years. During this time he has treated more than 90,000 patients and gained a lot of experience in the process. His job is his vocation, his drive is to support people and maintain their health.

His tips for staying healthy

“Based on many of my patients’ clinical pictures, it became clear to me that the deepest innermost being often turns outward,” he says in the OÖN interview. His advice: look at yourself and your body and try to stay in balance. However, staying healthy also includes observing the recommended check-ups. In this way, diseases can be avoided or discovered at a time when they can be cured. “As a dermatologist, I naturally think of melanomas, which are simply removed at an early stage – and the affected person is healthy again. The same applies to colon cancer screening, the prostate check, the mammography screening. You just have to do it,” says Neuhofer. But don’t forget to enjoy life. “I’ve been propagating the 4 Ls for years, which read: reading, running, loving, laughing – for me, that’s a broad and stable basis for a life in health and contentment.”

  • The OÖN doctor is on Thursday May 25th from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the phone number 0732/78 32 91 reachable.

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