Dispute after the death of Helmut Berger: widow calls for investigations

Dispute after the death of Helmut Berger: widow calls for investigations
In 2012 Helmut Berger published a book about his life.

The day after the death of legendary actor Helmut Berger, the Italian actress Francesca Guidato, who said she had married the star in 1994, announced in an interview with the Adnkronos news agency that she would urge the Austrian authorities to investigate the cause of the 78-year-old’s death. “I want clarity about my husband’s death,” said Guidato. According to Guidato, Berger was recently surrounded by people who worried her.

Berger’s agent Helmut Werner sharply rejected this accusation on Saturday and in a broadcast raised the question of whether Guidato and Berger were even married. “No official marriage certificate could be found in his documents. Throughout his life he only ever spoke of a media stunt in the 90s, which concerned Ms. Guidato,” says Werner. Guidato and Berger have also not had any contact in the past two decades. “You should simply present the official marriage certificate to the responsible notary so that you even know who this woman is,” Werner demanded.

However, he was by no means surprised by Guidato’s actions: “Helmut predicted that if something were to happen to him, Ms. Guidato would present herself as a grieving widow. That’s exactly what she’s doing now. He felt sick at the idea. For he despised her and referred to her as ‘pain-in-the-ass’.” Accordingly, Werner appealed to Guidatos: “Let Mr. Berger rest in peace and stay where the pepper grows!”

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