the G7 approved new measures against Russia and there was talk of Argentina

the G7 approved new measures against Russia and there was talk of Argentina

The leaders of the 7 countries that make up the Group of the world’s greats meeting in Japan approved a new package of measures to weaken Moscow. Zelensky arrived and Lula da Silva spoke about the Argentine debt.

hiroshimathe city that was the target of the first atomic attack in world history at the end of the Second World War was the place chosen to meet the presidents of the group of 7 nations most industrialized in the world. The leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, JapanGreat Britain and the United States.

In this extremely important context, today the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the one of Brazil, Lula da Silvawho from the first moment he assumed command of Brazil was committed to helping Argentina.

That is why the half-hour meeting that he held was crucial Lula with the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgievawith whom he spoke about the external debt that the G7 with Argentina that hinders the country’s growth so much -among other issues of the global south-.

The Brazilian president promised to intercede, going on since he took office again four months ago: “I am going to talk to the IMF so that they remove the knife from Argentina’s neck”manifested days ago in search of contributing to clean up the derisory credit granted to the Macri government.


New package of sanctions against Putin

At the summit of Southeast Asia the World leaders tighten sanctions against Russia with measures related to energy and exports that help finance Moscow’s war.

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For his part, US President Joe Biden who heads the summit pressured the allies of the G7 to approve the package with the new measures for the evasion of sanctions against Russia that involve third countries and thus undermine Moscow’s future energy production and curb the flow of revenues that support the Russian Armed Forces.

Specifically, the adjustment of the sanctions will be for some categories of goods where all Russian exports will be automatically prohibited unless they are on a list of expressly approved items. This change could make it more difficult for Moscow to find holes in the sanctions regime.



G7 solidarity with Italy

Emilia Romagna under water went around the world when, through her phone, the premiere Giorgia Meloni showed leaders around the world the sad flood pictures who devastated one of the most productive regions of Italy – the heart of GDP – obtaining great solidarity from their colleagues.

As a result of the criticism for the absence of Meloni in the area of ​​the tragedy that has already left a balance of 14 dead, more than 40 thousand evacuated and still incalculable missing, the Premier will leave its allies in Japan tonight to return to the country that suffers one of the most catastrophic weather emergencies due to climate change in its history.

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