Uruguayan inquiries to real estate agencies in Gualeguaychú to live in Argentina grow

Uruguayan inquiries to real estate agencies in Gualeguaychú to live in Argentina grow

Driven by the exchange rate difference, many are considering the possibility of residing in one country and working in the other.

The number of Uruguayans interested in living in Argentina and working in Uruguay is growing.

Photo: Municipality of Gualeguaychú

The real estate of Gualeguaychu (Between rivers) have registered an increase in the number of consultations by Uruguayans, mainly from the department of Black riverwhich, driven by the exchange rate difference, probe the possibility of renting a house in Argentina, but work on the Uruguayan side.

According to real estate agent Alexis Neuwirtthis trend has been manifesting itself for some months, and he assured that he receives at least 5 calls a day from Uruguayan citizens who ask about the possibility of renting a property there, or some even consider buying a home directly.

“We went out on the street on a Saturday or Sunday and we found the particularity of the full center,” said the real estate agent about the waves of Uruguayans who arrive in the city of Entre Ríos every weekend. “We see them en masse in certain places in the city“, he added.

Inquiries to rent have skyrocketed since the last quarter of 2022

According to the agent, from the last quarter of 2022a higher level of inquiries about the purchase decision began to be noticed, or to reside through a rental in our city“. Neuwirt believes that “before making the decision to buy a home” several of the people who ask questions about rentals to “test what it is like to reside in the city while maintaining their sources of income in Uruguay“.

For Neuwirt “the account” of Uruguayans “starts from the economic”, since those who make purchases in Gualeguaychú They claim that the price difference isfrom 4 to 1“. For the agent it would be necessary to see “if to what economic that today is beneficial, can bring some other additional benefit” the fact of living in Argentina.

Finally, Neuwit pointed out that Gualeguaychú “is a relatively quiet city in the sense of the standard of living,” compared to large towns or capitals that have other costs and pace of life.

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