Big exercise of the Red Cross

Big exercise of the Red Cross
Several large rescue scenarios were practiced.
Image: OÖRK/Hans Luttinger

The course participants received several orders for the exercise: due to hacker attacks, the telephone networks and the power supply with all the consequences in the Mattighofen area partially failed. Therefore, the Red Cross should strategically set up a camp outside of Mattighofen and put it into operation for 24 hours. The participants decided to build this in the middle school in Munderfing and planned the need for personnel, material and food in order to be able to cope with the expected operations. During the exercises, one person was rescued from a silo. In addition, a large explosion and a poisoning scenario were simulated, among other things. “It was challenging, but just as nice when you realize that you can actually do what you’ve learned,” said one participant after the major exercise.

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