Harsh allegations from Vinicius: “Today the championship belongs to the racists”

Harsh allegations from Vinicius: “Today the championship belongs to the racists”
Racist insults against 22-year-old Vinicius Jr. have repeatedly occurred in the past.

“It wasn’t the first, nor the second, nor the third time. Racism is normal in LaLiga. The competition thinks it’s normal, the federation thinks so too and the opponents encourage it. I’m sorry. The championship that Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, What belonged to Cristiano and Messi belongs to the racists today,” wrote the Brazilian on social media.

Racist insults had previously been used against him in the 1-0 defeat of the “Royal” at Valencia on Sunday evening. The result was an interruption of around ten minutes. The stadium spokesman asked fans after the incidents to show respect and refrain from racist remarks. Shortly before the end, Vinicius Junior saw the red card after one of two pack formations in the game. In the past there had been repeated racist insults against the 22-year-old.

“Spain is considered a country of racists in Brazil”

The attacker described Spain as a “beautiful nation” that welcomed him and that he loves, but which has also agreed to export the image of a racist country to the world. “I’m sorry for the Spaniards who disagree, but today in Brazil Spain is considered a country of racists. And unfortunately for everything that happens every week I have no defense. But I’m strong and I’ll fight to the end racists,” added the striker, who repeatedly accused those responsible for the league of inaction.

LaLiga President Javier Tebas told Vinicius Junior on Twitter: “Before you criticize and slander LaLiga, you need to be properly informed. Don’t let yourself be manipulated and make sure you understand each other’s competencies and the work we do together have done, understand.” Tebas criticized that the striker did not appear on any of the agreed dates. The approach annoyed Vinicius Junior, who responded on Twitter: “Instead of criticizing racists, the league president once again appears on social media to attack me. He puts himself on the same level as the racists. I want action and punishment .”

Racism incidents are “prosecuted with all severity”

The renewed answer from Tebas was not long in coming. Neither Spain nor LaLiga are racist, he stressed. Incidents of racism would be “prosecuted with all severity”. Nine racist incidents have been reported to the judiciary this season, eight of them against Vinicius. The most recent incident is also being investigated in detail. “If a hate crime is identified, we will take appropriate legal action,” the league said. According to the media, a perpetrator has already been identified by the police.

Vinicius Junior received support from his home country. President Luiz Inácio Lula began his press conference at the end of the G7 summit in Hiroshima with a statement on the national player. He expressed his solidarity with the offensive player. “It is not possible that, almost in the middle of the 21st century, racial prejudice is gaining strength in several football stadiums in Europe,” said Lula. Gianni Infantino also showed solidarity with the kicker. “There is no place for racism in football and society,” said the FIFA President.

support of Ancelotti

Real coach Carlo Ancelotti also pledged his support to Vinicius Junior: “Today was a sad day at the Mestalla, when a group of fans showed their worst version. It’s time to stop talking and act vigorously. Racism has no place in football or in society. No to racism,” wrote the Italian on Instagram. He didn’t even want to talk about football after the game because of the incidents. “What we’ve seen is just unacceptable.”

If racist chants can be heard throughout the stadium, the game must simply be stopped. “I would say exactly the same if we had won the game 3-0,” stressed Ancelotti. There is no alternative to that. Valencia announced on Sunday evening that the perpetrator or perpetrators would be excluded from all home games.

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