Gustavo Petro defended the Colombians who showed a Palestinian flag

Gustavo Petro defended the Colombians who showed a Palestinian flag

The second day of the Sub 20 World Cup that takes place in the Argentina let victories for Nigeria, Italy and Japan, against the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Senegal respectively. ColombiaIn addition, he debuted with a 2-1 victory over Israel.

This last match was played at the Estadio Único Diego Armando Maradona in the city of La Plata. There an incident took place that quickly became news on social networks and that had Colombian fans as protagonists.

Incident with the Palestinian flag

It all started when a group of fans unfurled a Palestinian flag and started showing it to the Israeli fans. Fearing that the incident would escalate, the Provincial Police intervened and took the banner from the fans, while proceeding to arrest one of them.

Such was the public magnitude that the event took, that it reached the president of Colombia, the progressive Gustavo Petro. This Monday, Petro used his social networks to refer to the event and supported the Colombians who displayed the Palestinian flag.


The president shared a video of the incident, uploaded by the “Palestina Hoy” portal, which is in charge of covering issues related to the conflict with Israel, and said: “For Colombia, the Palestinian flag is not prohibited.” “Thank you, Mr. President. Long live Palestine and Long live Colombia,” the portal rewarded him.

Who is the Colombian arrested

Meanwhile, the Colombian citizen detained in La Plata was identified as Patino Cifuentes Michael Andresaccording to the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport (APREVIDE).

Those in charge of the security operation reported that the corresponding investigations for “incitement to violence in sports”, with interference from the Correctional Court 4 of La Plata.

After the fact, the head of the organization, Eduardo Aparicio, promised to deepen the measures “in order to preserve peace and mutual respect in football events”, as well as to “work together with the organizers so that the measures are taken necessary in these cases”.

Colombia defeated Israel 2-1 in the opening of Group C of the U-20 World Cup, at the La Plata headquarters, which was attended by some 7,600 spectators.

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