The Broad Front exceeds the Multicolor Coalition by 6% in voting intentions for 2024

The Broad Front exceeds the Multicolor Coalition by 6% in voting intentions for 2024

According to a survey by Equipos Consultores, he broad front (FA) leads the Multicolor Coalition by 6% of voting intentions ahead of the next elections national elections of 2024. The opposition force leads political sympathies on the way to the next elections.

The FA would have increased its voting intention by 3% since April 2018 until reaching a 42% during the past month, 6% more than the sum of all government coalition partiesthat reached 36%. On the other hand, the undecided reached 15%and people who said they would void their vote or vote blank, at 7%.

In the breakdown of the government alliance, the voting intention of the National Party (PN) continues to be the majority among the voters of the ruling party, with a 28% (same figure as in April 2018). However, the other traditional party, the Colorado party (pc), has fallen to 5% from the intention to vote of 8% that it registered in April 2018.


The vote intention of the Cabildo Abierto continues to plummet

Town meeting (AC), the newest party among those that have parliamentary representation, does not record a record in the survey, however, scored a meager 2% which seems scarce considering that it was the revelation party in the 2019 elections, where it reached 11.04% after computing some 268,736 votes that earned him 3 senators and 11 deputies.

Among the junior members of the Multicolor Coalition, the independent party (PI) unites 1% of the intentions vote, a drop from the 2% registered in April 2018, and the People’s Party would be below 1%when 5 years ago he had managed to position himself with 3% in the survey.

The other party that has representation in Parliament, the Intransigent Radical Ecologist Party (PERI), led by the deputy Cesar Vega, it would not reach 1% eitherwhen in the last elections it had achieved 1.38%, after having harvested a surprising 33,461 votes.

Teams 2.png

In the last elections of 2019, the FA obtained 39.02% of the votes in the first round, the PN 28.62%, the PC 12.34%, CA 11.04%, PERI 1, 38%, the People’s Party 1.08%, the PI 0.97%, Popular Unity 0.81%, the Animalist Green Party 0.80%, the Digital Party 0.26%, and the Workers’ Party 0.06%.

Source: Ambito

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