Climate activists blocked early morning traffic in Innsbruck and Vienna

Climate activists blocked early morning traffic in Innsbruck and Vienna
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They blocked Kranebitter Allee at the intersection with Fischerhäuslweg with a “sit-in”. Three people were so annoyed that reports and a brief arrest followed. In Vienna, too, the “Last Generation” blocked the Burgring, which resulted in extensive traffic jams.

As the police explained to the APA, two road users in Innsbruck were reported for disruption after they had loudly gotten excited about the climate protest. Another even poured a yoghurt drink over the head of an activist. He was reported for breach of decency, it said. One of the accused even had to be arrested for a short time because he did not want to disclose his details.

The 27 activists involved started the blockade at 7.30 a.m. and left the road independently at 8.45 a.m., nobody was stuck. Kranebitter Allee was passable for public transport and cyclists. Because the demonstrators had not registered their assembly, they were also reported under the Assembly Act.

In Innsbruck, the executive asked motorists to give way over a large area. Kranebitter Allee was not passable from the Technikerstraße roundabout to Fischerhäuslweg, and the route was diverted via the district of Hötting. The “last generation” again demanded a speed limit of 100 km/h on Austria’s autobahns. On a banner they asked: “What if the government has no plan?”.

In Vienna, according to the police, the Burgring was blocked with a march. According to the ÖAMTC, the traffic jam reached from the Opernring to the Parkring at the height of the Stubentor. There were also delays on the alternative routes at Schwarzenbergplatz and on the so-called Zweierlinie – i.e. the large traffic artery running parallel to the ring road out of town.

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