“In the digital world, I can quickly take a perfect photo”

“In the digital world, I can quickly take a perfect photo”
A mobile youth center: workshops are also held in the yellow school bus.
Image: Future Youth/Reischl

No matter where he goes, he attracts attention. We are talking about the yellow school bus, which has been touring through Oftering again and again since last September. “It is extremely important in our society to attract attention, so the bus is of course a great story”says Sascha Reischl, managing director of the association “future youth”which also explains its importance in terms of “relationship building” highlights.

The mobile youth center – by the way, the bus is a “Original American” – is a building block with which the association has put youth work in the community on a new footing. It is supplemented by the container at the sports field, which the young people designed and closed together “her living room” have made.

The combination of mobile and stationary offers has proven itself, says Reischl. “It is important to me to actively involve young people.” In this way, the young people can also have a say and have a say in the question of what is used when and how.

Wide range of topics

In Oftering there is now a counseling center as well as various projects in accordance with the five pillars of the association’s work. One of them is “Let that go Oida”, whose spectrum of topics ranges from sexuality to addictive behavior. Reischl sees the many requests for advice as “quality feature”.

Topics that concern the young people of Oftering are the same as elsewhere. In addition to mobility and leisure activities, the challenges associated with digitization play a major role. “In the digital world I can quickly take a perfect photo and show how great I am.”

A negative consequence of this: In the meantime, many young people would “think twice”whether they are really in the “real” want and should go out into the world without filters and the like. Doubts about whether they are enough would scratch one’s self-esteem. “When it comes to psychological stability, there is a need for action in the region and throughout the state”, says Reischl. It is therefore all the more positive when communities like Oftering get involved in prevention work.

“connecting” moments

The Mayor of Ofteringen Margit Angerlehner (VP) is very satisfied with the path she has taken, she says. With the expiration of the lease of the old youth center one has “think of something new” must. Reischl’s concept reacted to the changed framework conditions and thus the demands on today’s youth work.

“We are a young congregation, it is important that the young people have someone to talk to about their problems.” Because the container is at the sports field, there is also “connecting” Moments with those young people who play football there. A nice side effect, as Angerlehner thinks.

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