Uruguay made progress in opening trade with China

Uruguay made progress in opening trade with China

The portfolio reached an agreement with customs authorities of the Asian giant to specify access to certain products.

Photo: MGAP

Within the framework of an official bilateral meeting, and headed by the Minister fernando mattosthe mission of Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) reached preliminary agreements with the China General Administration of Customs (gacc) for the access of the Asian giant to products such as live aquatic animals (snails and shellfish), horses, and lemons.

The agreement, which establishes the first steps to follow to achieve the realization of these Uruguayan products, was signed by Mattos and the general deputy administrator of the GACC, Lu Weihong. In turn, they signed the minutes of the VII Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) that had been carried out in April 2023.

The GACC informed Uruguay which, once the internal documentation processes have been completed, will send a notification with the decision made. They also indicated that they are advancing in the study of the documentation sent for the authorization of other national products.

These products are the poultry meatthe horse meatthe jerky, bovine embryos, Honey and its by-products, Tripebovine semen, bovine by-products, and salted bovine and ovine casings. In addition, the renegotiation of the requirement of permanence in the field for bovine cattle is sought.

Mattos highlighted the presence of Uruguayan cattle in the Chinese provinces

Mattos highlighted the relationship that MGAP maintains with the GACC as a source of impetus for commercial exchange despite the geographical distances between both countries. Along these lines, he affirmed that Uruguay “gives full guarantees and for that It is enough to visit some provinces and see the Uruguayan cattle that were imported to China“.

“Everything that we advance in commercial matters will have an impact on an improvement in our population,” said Minister Mattos, who was accompanied by the Uruguayan ambassador to China, Fernando Lugristhe director of the International Affairs Unit (UAI), Adriana Lupinaccithe director of the General Directorate of Agricultural Services (DGSA), leonardo oliveraand the deputy director of Animal Industry, Diego Dominguez.

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