Burglars cleared out the jewelry store in the Haid Center

Burglars cleared out the jewelry store in the Haid Center
Dogs and the police’s rapid intervention group were also used in the search.

At 2:25 a.m. sharp, the two perpetrators struck. They demolished the revolving door that protects the entrance area to the Haid Center. They then forced open the roller grille that was supposed to secure the jewelry store. In a flash, they grabbed as much jewelry as they could.

When several police patrols arrived, the perpetrators fled with e-scooters. An immediately initiated search by several patrols, two service dog patrols and the Rapid Intervention Group (SIG) was negative. However, two backpacks and an e-scooter could be secured in the immediate vicinity, and evidence has already been secured. The surveys are in full swing. The amount of the loot must first be determined. The police also hopes that the evaluation of the video material from the surveillance cameras will provide clues to the perpetrators.

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