British woman dies after accident with Duchess Sophie’s escort

British woman dies after accident with Duchess Sophie’s escort
Duchess Sophie

She fought for her life for a long time, “but irreversible damage to her brain finally ended the fight today,” said the woman’s family, according to the BBC on Wednesday night.

His mother suffered several broken bones and serious internal injuries in the accident with Duchess Sophie’s escort motorcycle on May 10, the victim’s son said. The police supervisory authority confirmed the woman’s death.

Internal investigations into the cause of the accident are ongoing. According to the son, the woman used a pedestrian crossing. In London, the 81-year-old, who lived north of the British capital in the county of Essex, visited her sister.

According to media reports, Duchess Sophie (58) was on her way to a garden party at Buckingham Palace when one of her escort motorcycles hit the woman. King Charles III’s sister-in-law, who is married to his youngest brother Prince Edward, expressed her shock after the accident and sent her “heartfelt thoughts and prayers”.

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