the Country Risk Index rose 3 basis points and accumulates an increase of 27.78% in 2023

the Country Risk Index rose 3 basis points and accumulates an increase of 27.78% in 2023

However, the indicator prepared by the Electronic Stock Exchange of Uruguay accumulates a year-on-year drop of 41.40%.

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The Bevsa Country Risk Index (irubevsa) up 3 basis points (bp.) after the close of the market in the Electronic Stock Exchange of Uruguay (Bevsa), until reaching 92 bp. So far this year, the indicator accumulates an increase of 27.78%however, at the interannual level it presents a fall of 41.40%.

During the last week, the Irubevsa had recorded a 7 bp decline, following a fall of 12.38% in May, and up to 7.07% month-on-month. This index measures the yield spread of the debt of Uruguay in dollars with respect to the debt of USA (US Treasuries).

The ITBGL performance index rose 7 basis points

The ITBGL performance index increased 7 bp. at the end of the day until reaching the 484 bp. In turn, it has risen 11 bp. with respect to the close of the previous week, and so far in May it showed a positive variation of 17 bp. total.

In the last 30 days, the ITBGL increased by 2.33%, climbing 9 bp. so far in 2023, and climbed to 8.28% year-on-year. This index measures the average performance of Global Bonds Uruguayan sovereigns in dollars.

The INDUIp operated stable today

The Price Index of Uruguayan Sovereign Securities Issued in Indexed Units (INDUIp) operated stable today and remained at the same level as yesterday’s close, standing at 102.6% after an imperceptible variation of 0.04 bp.

This means that all debt issued in Indexed Units (UI) worth 102.6% of the total nominal amount issued. In the run of May, the variation reached 0.42%, while at the inter-monthly level it is 0.27%. So far this year the increase is 1.78%.

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