Supermarkets ask for more controls to prevent smuggling from Argentina and Brazil

Supermarkets ask for more controls to prevent smuggling from Argentina and Brazil

For the ASU, the entry of illegal merchandise affects all of Uruguay. They demand greater rigor and “fundamental solutions”.

From the Uruguayan Supermarket Association (ASU) They demanded that the government promote stricter controls to prevent smuggling from continuing to enter the country, mainly on the borders with Argentina and Brazil, considering that the situation has “negative impacts” about local business.

In the midst of the effects caused above all by the exchange difference and the price gap with Argentina, the TO ITS issued a statement in which he made public his “deep concern” by the situation. The entity considered that the illegal entry of goods already affects trade throughout the country, adding to Montevideo and the metropolitan area within the conflict zone.

The supermarkets indicated that it is essential “the firm action of the state control agencies to face the smuggling”. In this sense, they expressed that the measures must “counteract informality”, but also “prevent legally established businesses from offering illegal merchandise.

For the TO ITS, he smuggling brings with it “negative impacts” both for trade and for job creation. For this reason, they valued some measures that the government took, although they indicated that “it would be positive to expand its scope to all businesses” of Uruguay.

They also insisted on the need for “exhaustive control” to ensure compliance with current customs, commercial, sanitary and bromatological regulations, while they requested a “study of background solutions that transcend the situation”.

The exchange difference with Argentina became a problem

He smuggling merchandise, especially since Argentina, It became a concern for the entire country and that is why the government ordered strict controls at border crossings, with the aim of seizing the products that Uruguayans bring, taking advantage of the exchange difference.

At the same time, the Chamber of Industries of Uruguay (CIU) It calls for a zero-kilo regulation at the border, at least until the operations intensify. It is that, as argued by the entity, the problem has a full impact on the national industry and commerce, generating unemployment.

In fact, the CIU carried out a study where it was shown that the 35% of industrial companies assured that smuggling increased during the past year and the first months of 2023, with a year-on-year drop in sales of 35% on the border with Argentina and a 27% with Brazil.

Source: Ambito

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