After the accusation, Ache assured that he will not leave his position

After the accusation, Ache assured that he will not leave his position

The Cabildo Abierto advisor said he was calm despite his accusation and assured that he would not leave his position in the party.


Eduardo Ache assured that he will not leave his position as economic adviser to the Cabildo Abierto after being accused by the Peruvian justice for participation in the cause of million-dollar bribes from the company odebrecht through asset laundering, and money laundering.

The Cabildo Abierto adviser assured that this cause “is old”I left in 2011, it is a cause that had started in 2017, it was quiet and they activate it now. That is the information I have,” Ache said.

“If there is a reserved process, I can’t get into a public discussion with a prosecutor. It is not a new topic, the only one that is presented in this cause in Lima is me a year ago. I appeared before the Prosecutor’s Office a year ago. It is not a new topic, each one is responsible for what they did and I am very calm about how the topics were formally “he explained.

The politician assured that today justice in Uruguay it is used as an element within the politicization and he stressed that he will not leave his posts. “Part of the problem that Uruguay has is this: I hit you here, I hit you there, I charge you. I believe in the judicial system and that they show me what was wrong that I did. I am clear about my scope of action. What is there to that I have to leave something? Nothing. If there is a process tomorrow, it is clear that I have to leave it. Let’s act,” Ache remarked.

What is the case about?

Ache was accused of asset laundering and money laundering in the case Lava Jato involving million-dollar bribes to regional rulers by the Brazilian construction company odebrecht.

The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office, based on sources provided by the Uruguayan Prosecutor’s Office and communications and emails provided by the Uruguayan Prosecutor’s Office Andorra, confirmed his suspicions, after investigating Ache and formalized an investigation against him. The Peruvian prosecutor, Geovana Mori, is carrying out the case and verified that Ache violated the rules of the Private Bank of Andorra to be able to transfer the payment of bribes from Odebrecht offshore.

The advisor of Cabildo Abierto, a former militant from Colorado, appears in facilitating the opening of accounts for the payment of bribes through the Uruguayan branch of the Private Bank of Andorra. He obtained, in this way, 1% of the total money transfers made, according to the Uypress agency.

The prosecutor in the case will investigate whether Ache had another role in the criminal organization And where did the total of that go? 1% profit that he obtained from the turns made. Until 2011, Ache was president of the Uruguayan branch of Banco Andorra. That same year, the Central Bank withdrew its license to operate after the financial institution announced its liquidation.

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