the rains did not reach Paso Severino and the reserves continue to drop

the rains did not reach Paso Severino and the reserves continue to drop

The reservoir that supplies the country’s metropolitan area recorded a new record low of 4.5 million cubic meters, according to the latest OSE records.

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The rains are still not enough for the reserve levels of the National Administration of State Sanitary Works (OSE) to reverse the water crisis that mainly affects the metropolitan area of Uruguay. the dam of Severine Pass The decrease in the volume of water in the reservoir continued.

He water deficit It will not be solved with a few days of rain, no matter how intense they are: this was confirmed in the last few hours, when the volume of reserves in Paso Severino continued to drop despite the rainfall.

In this sense, OSE released a new report on the status of the water crisis in various areas of the country and explained that the reservoir that functions as the main source of drinking water supply for the metropolitan area -Montevideo and Cannelloni- I had, until yesterday, 4.5 million cubic meters of watertouching a new historical minimum when its maximum capacity is 65 million cubic meters.

How was the descent into the reservoir?

Already on March 8, with a summer season marked by drought and lack of water in several areas of the country, the volume of water in the dam was 25.6 million cubic meters; a month and a half later, on April 12, this level had dropped to 16.9 million, to reach 12 million on the 26th of that month.

In just over 15 days, on May 17, it recorded what would be, until then, the lowest level in its history: 6.2 million cubic meters. And in just one week, that already worrying number dropped to 4.5 million cubic meters, despite the rains that were close to 9 millimeters in that area of St. Lucia.

In Canelones, more precisely in the system Atlantis, the embankment of the creek Pando it is turned off daily between 4 and 8 hours; the plant is being put into operation Swan Lagoon and this allows reducing from 14,000 to 11,000 cubic meters of extraction to the Montevideo system.

About mines, the reservoir recovered 12 centimeters since last Monday and the rains over the weekend allowed the recovery of 24 centimeters of the reservoir Maggiolo. This would allow that, even if there is no rain during the month, the supply can be guaranteed for the whole of June.

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