“Moral low blow”: Further debate about Paschinger training funds

“Moral low blow”: Further debate about Paschinger training funds
Dispute about training fees: No agreement in the Paschinger municipal council
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The training funds for political representatives are still a source of excitement: Peter Öfferlbauer (Junge Liste) sharply criticizes the fact that the ÖVP, SPÖ, FPÖ and Liste Böhm voted to introduce “promotion of parliamentary group activities” as a concrete replacement for the training funds. “Increasing the fees for fellow citizens, but at the same time digging into the municipal coffers for your own party, is a moral low point and a slap in the face to those who are currently doing really badly,” says Öfferlbauer.

He announces that his parliamentary group will forgo the funding, and it is hard to see why Pasching is one of the few communities in Austria that can afford such special funding.

“stand by the decision”

Mayor Markus Hofko (VP) cannot understand the criticism that the funds should only be used for defined purposes for the parliamentary group, but not for the party. In order to create clarity, a new guideline for the promotion of parliamentary group activities was drawn up, which the Directorate of Interior and Municipal Affairs praised as successful. As reported, Öfferlbauer had previously expressed concerns about the legality of the payment of the funds. The training money has been paid out in Pasching since 1959.

The amount of 430 euros per mandatary and year applies to the current term of office, which is not paid out automatically, but only after application and verification. Eligible for funding are, for example, group retreats and workshops with external consultants. Contrary to claims to the contrary, magazines for the purpose of election advertising would not be included.

Trained and motivated mandataries are important for shaping the community, one stands by the decision and the support decided by the majority, says Hofko. He speaks of a sign of appreciation. “It was checked, discussed, important guidelines were drawn up and a decision was made. This is to be recognized and it hinders our cooperation when individuals keep staging the same topics for themselves. This is populism and not our understanding of politics, and certainly not in the spirit of the people of Pasching,” the local chief concluded.

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