Always on the side of economic power

Always on the side of economic power

The president of the PIT-CNT questioned the president’s statements about the Conaprole conflict before the Rural Federation.

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After the closing of the 106th Annual Congress of the rural federationPresident Luis Lacalle Pou affirmed that the origin of the union conflict between the workers of Conaprole “It’s incredible”, because it would be “11 or 12 jobs that change places, because they continue to work”, the criticisms of the president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo AbdalaThey did not wait.

via Twitter, Abdala calledregrettablethe speech of the head of stateand went further accusing him of positioning himself “always on the side of economic power“, but “never from the working town“.

According to Abdala, in his speech, Lacalle Pou is dedicated to “insult Conaprole workers” while the PIT-CNT is trying to “find a negotiated solution” between the trade union center and the company itself before the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS).

The Conaprole conflict began after the incorporation of new machinery in the plant of Rodriguez (Saint Joseph), through which new technology will be applied to the production of long life milk.

The machinery in question requires reducing the payroll of workers that were required for said activity and sector, so staff would be located in other areas of the plant, a measure that was not to the liking of the workers involved.

The Conaprole conflict could end this week

After a meeting before the MTSS, the Conaprole authorities and the union representatives agreed to work on a “transitory operating proposal“, from which, between Monday and Tuesday, the conflict that jeopardized the supply of milk in the Uruguay.

The tripartite meeting had as its axis to reformulate the working conditions in the Rodríguez plant. Now, the issues discussed will be evaluated by the MTSS on Monday, May 29, and the goal is for an agreement between the parties to materialize on Tuesday the 30th.

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