Sailing boat capsized in Lake Hallstatt

Sailing boat capsized in Lake Hallstatt
Recovery of the capsized sailing boat
Image: FF Bad Goisern

Because of a strong gust of wind, a sailing boat with two people capsized on Lake Hallstatt on Sunday afternoon. Both sailors fell into the water, which was only 10°C. An eyewitness immediately informed the emergency services.

The boat crew of the FF Bad Goisern and the Hallstatt and Bad Goisern water rescue service rushed to the scene of the accident, where they were already briefed by the police.

The Hallstatt water rescue service was finally able to rescue the two people from the water and bring them to the shore. There they were treated by the rescue and the fire brigade doctor.

However, the salvage of the capsized boat turned out to be much more difficult: Since it was not possible to get it right using the conventional method, two lifting balloons had to be attached by fire brigade divers from diving base III Traunkirchen.

In cooperation with the ÖWR-Boot Bad Goisern it was finally possible to get the boat right again. The hull was pumped out with a submersible pump before the boat was towed to shore. The operation lasted until 8:30 p.m., and a total of 24 men were involved.

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