The mayor of Salto hopes that the government’s measures will protect the merchants of the coast

The mayor of Salto hopes that the government’s measures will protect the merchants of the coast

Andrés Lima valued as “positive” the tax reduction on fuels to narrow the price gap with Argentina.

Photo: Municipality of Salto

the mayor of Leap, Andres Limahopes that the battery of measures arranged by the national government seeking to reduce the price gap with the Argentina in the border departments of the coast, protect merchants. In that line, understood howpositivea 39% reduction in fuel prices.

For Lima, this punctual measure of fuels (which will take effect on June 1) will allowreducethe price differencesince these will be established in 44 pesos for premium gasoline and 43 prices for super gasolineand could “dissuade” Uruguayans from crossing “so much” into the province of Between riversas he assured Telemundo.

Lima recalled that the service station sector wasof the most punished” in the “difficult scenario” of the last few months, with a drop in sales closeat 40%“. The departmental head hopes that “with these new values” the sector can revitalize its dynamics.

According to Lima, it becomes very necessarystop the massive crossing of so many Uruguayans” to be able to “protect and protect thousands and thousands of businesses”, as well as “tens of thousands of workers”.

Lima: The price gap with Argentina “is affecting the country”

The man from Salta assured that “the growth” of the price problem with Argentina “is reflected in the measures announced by the government”, since these extend from the department of Artigas at Sorianoand in the border departments with Brazilfrom the towns of Bella Unión (Artigas) to Chuy (rock).

It is not a problem that is generated by Uruguay“, he emphasized. “We are aware that it is the product of an economic reality in the Argentine Republic with year-on-year inflation that exceeds 100%,” and that “it is affecting the entire country,” stressed the mayor of Salta.

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