Debate about the sale of the Stiegl grounds

Debate about the sale of the Stiegl grounds
The excavators will soon be driving in Salzburg. Icon image: colourbox
Image: Dmitry Kalinovsky

“It’s pure speculation,” said Ingeborg Haller, head of the club for the citizens’ list (the Greens in the city) in the SN. According to Deputy Mayor Barbara Unterkofler (VP), Head of Urban Planning, 130 subsidized rental apartments have already been built on adjacent, previously built-up parts – you have to look at the entire area.

Stiegl sold the five-hectare site, including 3.6 hectares of building land, for 76.2 million euros. The sum is calculated from the price for the expected gross floor area of ​​29,842 square meters. 10,519 square meters are earmarked for subsidized rental housing.

The new owners of the area, which is located almost next to the airport runway, are the Bergland housing cooperative for the non-profit part and the companies Myslik Wohnbau and Spiluttini Bau for the commercial part.

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