How is the process of impeachment in the case of Senator Gustavo Penadés?

How is the process of impeachment in the case of Senator Gustavo Penadés?

The Prosecutor for Sexual Offenses, Alicia Ghione, asked Parliament on Monday to remove the law from the National Party legislator.

This Monday, the prosecutor for Sexual Offenses, Alicia Ghionepresented the request for impeachment to the senator of the National Party (PN), Gustavo Penadesbefore the 36th Turn Court, request that will be sent by Judge Marcela Vargas to the Supreme Court of Justice, who will determine if it reaches the Senate where it will be resolved if the privileges of the politician are removed.

According to the National Constitution, “no senator or representative, from the day of his election to the day of his dismissal, may be accused criminally, not even for common crimes.” This article has the objective of prevent justice from being used as a political tool. However, the removal of privileges can happen when, as in this case, the prosecutor in charge of the case requests it.

From there, the corresponding judge, in this case, marcela vargaswill send the request to the Supreme Court of Justice which will determine if the case is raised to Parliament, more specifically to the Senate. In the first instance, the case is dealt with by the constitution and legislation commission where the members carry out a study of the case, advising or advising against the violation and then the vote is carried out. If it is positive, it goes directly to the plenary session where they are required. two thirds of the votes so that the senator is suspended from his functions and remains at the disposal of the court and justice like any other citizen.

On May 4, a few days after the first complaints against him became known, Senator Penadés sent a letter to the vice president asking her to the chamber raises its privileges “immediately” once the Justice requests it.

The vice president of the nation, Beatriz ArgimonFor his part, he said that he will be attentive to the moment in which the request for impeachment by the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) arrives, which will be given “immediately processed”. “Without a doubt, it will have a due diligence, in quick terms,” ​​she said.

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