The BCU placed bills for $4,661 million, despite increased demand

The BCU placed bills for $4,661 million, despite increased demand

The monetary authority received orders for almost double what was offered in 30-day bonds.

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He Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) yesterday placed 30-day bills in pesos in the domestic market for a total of 4,661 million pesosa figure that represented 72% of the demand.

The BCU offered 3,480 million pesos, but the demand was 6,421 million pesos. 4,661 million pesos in 30-day bills were accepted, yielding 11.24%.

The interest in short-term securities in this last tender contrasted with the behavior of the market in the last tenders in which the demand, on several occasions, failed to cover the offer.

The total issued in pesos of bills in national currency, bills in Indexed Units and certificates of deposit by the Central Bank in the last day amounted to 4,660.2 million pesos and the maturities of this type of paper were for 3,850 million pesos, for which 811 million pesos were removed from the circuit, reported the Electronic Stock Market (Bevsa).

While in Bevsa’s secondary securities market, the operations of global dollar bonds -that last week they had a general fall as a consequence of risk aversion due to the situation in USA- they reached 3,200,000, while the bonds in Indexed Units (UI, adjusted for inflation) were for 12,630,000 equivalent to 1,209,937 dollars.

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