Buber drowned in Tiroler Ache: Father remains in custody

Buber drowned in Tiroler Ache: Father remains in custody
The crime scene at the Tiroler Ache (archive image)
Image: APA

The pre-trial detention against the 38-year-old was extended because of the risk of committing a crime, the regional court announced on Tuesday. The next detention review will take place in two months.

However, the risk of collusion, which was last assumed by the Innsbruck Higher Regional Court (OLG) after a complaint by the father’s lawyer, was no longer present. This is due to the fact that this reason for detention can no longer be used after two months due to the legal situation, said court spokeswoman Birgit Fink. In any case, the father is still urgently suspected of killing his son and faking a crime.

Faked robbery?

Originally, the case, which also made international headlines, was assumed to be a robbery of the father. The man is said to have been knocked unconscious by a stranger with a bottle on a promenade next to the Ache river and robbed him. After that, the six-year-old is said to have climbed out of the stroller on his own, fallen into the river and drowned there.

But after months of intensive investigations, during which no hot lead emerged for the alleged robber, the 38-year-old was targeted and finally arrested on February 27. He is said to have killed the boy and faked the robbery. Concrete investigation results should weigh heavily on him.

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