Judge asked the Supreme Court of Justice to request the impeachment of Penadés

Judge asked the Supreme Court of Justice to request the impeachment of Penadés

Marcela Vargas agreed to give rise to the request of the prosecutor for Sexual Crimes, Alicia Ghione, who is investigating the nationalist senator.

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the criminal judge marcela vargas agreed this Tuesday to give rise to the impeachment of the senator of the National Party (PN), Gustavo Penadeswhich was ordered by the prosecutor for Sexual Offenses, Alicia Ghionewho investigates the legislator for allegations of sexual abuse.

Through Decree No. 1403/2023, the judge asked the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) that requests the impeachment of Penadés. The request submitted to the SCJ will now be sent to the Parliamentwhere, according to article 114 of the Constitution, the removal of privileges will be established after having the vote of two thirds (twenty-one) of all its components.

If this majority of senators decides that there is room for the formation of cause and votes in the affirmative, Penadés will be declared suspended from his legislative functions and placed at the disposal of the competent court.

This process is required, since according to the article: “no senator or representativefrom the day of his election to the day of his dismissal, may be criminally chargednot even for common crimes that are not those detailed in article 93, but before their respective House“.

The Senate hopes to give a quick treatment to the request for the impeachment of Penadés

Once the case enters Parliament, it will first be analyzed by the Constitution and Legislation Commission of the Senatewhere, according to reports in the press, prompt treatment will be givenso that, finally, it goes to the plenary session of the Upper House.

Vargas had 48 hours to analyze Ghione’s request on the current investigation, now the role of the SCJ will be merely formal, and it will function as a link between the Legislative power and the Power of attorney.

So far, according to information that has been publicly disclosed, there would be 8 victims who denounced the senatorand president of the Parlasurfor sexual abuse and exploitation when they were minors.

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