Reinhardt boss Maria Happel defends herself

Reinhardt boss Maria Happel defends herself
Reinhardt seminar boss Maria Happel

Last Friday, an open letter published by “Standard” caused a stir, in which two thirds of the students of the Max Reinhardt Seminar allegedly reported the resignation of the head of the institute Maria Happel and her deputy Annett Matzke. On Wednesday took Happel now for the first time position on the allegations, which range from a lack of presence at the institute, insufficient reaction to MeToo incidents to rude conversational tone.

Maria Happelwho has been in charge of the Reinhardt Seminar since 2020 and who also directs the Reichenau Festival and is a member of the Burgtheater ensemble, emphasizes that the students’ step came completely unexpectedly for them, and regrets that they and they are not given the protective space that is otherwise always demanded at the same time see the crisis as an opportunity to move something together.

The Burgtheater actress stated that – contrary to what was claimed – the MeToo allegations had been “solved in an exemplary manner” and that she had long since decided to be more present. The “Burg” will no longer be available for premieres in the new season

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