Drunk attacked drivers in Helfenberg

Drunk attacked drivers in Helfenberg
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Around ten road users are said to have been stopped and reprimanded by a wildly gesticulating Syrian at Rohrbacherstraße 22 on the evening of May 22 because they were driving too fast in the local area. As soon as they opened the side window, the drunk man spat on the drivers or attacked them with his fist.

The 38-year-old also hit the windshield, side windows and bonnet. He gave a cyclist a strong slap in the face, also with the absurd pretext that he was going too fast. The known perpetrator was reported.

According to the police, not all affected drivers have reported. Even the videos recorded by witnesses did not capture all those involved, or the license plates could not be read.

Therefore, please contact the Helfenberg Police Inspectorate on 059133 4253 for other vehicle drivers who may have been damaged, the police press office said on Wednesday evening.

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