An airline will weigh its passengers before boarding

An airline will weigh its passengers before boarding

Air New Zealand will ask more than 10,000 customers traveling on its international network to participate in the survey.

Air New Zealand

The airline air new zealand weighs the passengers international flights before they board. This measure is part of a study to determine the average weight of travelers.

As reported by the company, the weight will be registered anonymously in a database, so will not be visible for him airline staff Not for other passengers. Initially, participation in the study is voluntary and has the goal of improve fuel efficiency in the future.

Passengers will be weighed at the boarding gates of some flights departing from Auckland International Airport between May 29 and July 2.


It is not the first time that he has carried out the study

In 2021, air new zealand conducted this survey on domestic passengers in New Zealandto know the weight of everything that goes on their planes as a “regulatory requirement.”

We know that stepping on the scale can be daunting. We want to assure our customers that there are no visible indicators anywhere.”James emphasized. “By weighing themselves, they will be helping us to always fly safely and efficiently“.

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