A feast for Stowasser

A feast for Stowasser
Cult sociologist Roland Girtler
Image: (Haijes)

“So get out my book and look for friends. God grant that it will be as useful as it has given me work,” wrote the author of the “Latin-German School Dictionary”, Josef Maria Stowasser, in the foreword of the 1st edition. Edition, which he concluded with “Lest im Mühlkreis, August 18, 1893”.

In fact, the dictionary has so far been used in the entire German-speaking area. It remains to be seen whether it was just looking for friends. For the association “Kunst Kultur Kefermarkt”, the Gymnasium Freistadt and the working group of classical philologists and archaeologists, the anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate Stowasser’s work properly. On Friday and Saturday, several program items will pay tribute to the book and its creator in the parish church and in the parish center Kefermarkt as well as at GH Mader in Lest. The “vagrant cultural scientist” Roland Girtler is also there.

Program: kultur.kefermarkt.at

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