Warehouses: the garden business has declined sharply

Warehouses: the garden business has declined sharply

Image: VOLKER Weihbold

In the approximately 80 warehouses in Austria, the reluctance to consume and the long period of bad weather are making themselves felt. After several strong seasons, the spring business with house and garden products is “very difficult” this year, the cooperatives announced via Raiffeisen Ware Austria (RWA). Specific numbers were not given. In the warehouse Eferding-Upper Austria. In the middle, the minus is around 25 percent, like the deputy. Managing Director Maximilian Weyermayer said on request.

According to RWA, particularly expensive leisure products such as grills or pools are not very popular. Targeted regional measures are being taken. “We are already starting the sale two months earlier than usual,” says Eferding-Upper Austria-Central boss Johann Auer. According to Weyermayer, it’s about higher sales because of the high costs and about getting rid of old goods before new products come.

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