Two dead in Kiev airstrike

Two dead in Kiev airstrike


Two children were among the fatalities of the night attack with ground-based cruise missiles, said Mayor Vitali Klitschko and the military administration of the Ukrainian capital on Thursday morning. The cruise missiles were shot down around 3 a.m. local time (2 a.m. CEST), the military administration in Kiev said.

The debris of the launched cruise missiles would have led to many victims and extensive damage, it said. “According to the doctors, there are now 14 injured in the Dniprovsky and Desnyansky districts, 9 had to be hospitalized,” Mayor Klitschko wrote on his Telegram channel.

“It’s Children’s Day. And the racists are launching another attack on our capital and killing. Killing Ukrainian children,” Kyiv’s military administration chief Serhiy Popko raged on Telegram. The word “racists” is a combination of “Rasha”, as Russia is pronounced in English, and fascist. It has been used as a swear word for the Russian occupiers in Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

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