Traffic dispute escalated: 32-year-old man beat woman

Traffic dispute escalated: 32-year-old man beat woman
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On Wednesday at around 6:15 p.m., a Hungarian couple was driving a small truck from Germany on the B-148 in the direction of the Ort/Innkreis motorway exit. About 15 motorcyclists and three escort vehicles also wanted to turn onto the B-148 towards the Autobahn. Five motorcycles were able to turn in front of the small truck, then the Hungarian driver turned off. The remaining motorcyclists had to wait a short time.

The motorcyclists then overtook the small truck and repeatedly braked the vehicle. Arriving at the Ort/Innkreis driveway, the motorcyclists and the escort vehicles were waiting for the small truck. The Hungarian couple stopped the vehicle and the situation escalated. During the argument, the 34-year-old wife was said to have been punched in the face and injured by a 32-year-old Turkish citizen who lives in Germany. She was taken to the Ried im Innkreis hospital by ambulance and treated there as an outpatient. The 32-year-old was traveling with one of the escort vehicles.

Stopped by the police in Amstetten

The motorcyclists and their escort vehicles continued their journey on the A8 motorway in the direction of Sattledt. A search was initiated immediately and the suspect was stopped at the Amstetten-Ost motorway exit. The vehicle was then escorted to the Ried/Innkreis motorway police and the facts were recorded. The accused refused to testify during the written interrogation. He was arrested under the Aliens Police Act and taken to the Linz PAZ. After the investigation is completed, a report will be sent to the public prosecutor’s office.

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