Admission to the academy: great honor for Welser

Admission to the academy: great honor for Welser
Martin Stieger (left) and Klaus Mainzer, President of the Academy
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At a ceremony at the University of Salzburg, the ex-politician was welcomed as a new member alongside 37 other scientists from eleven nations. “37 in this illustrious circle have a Nobel Prize. I belong to the majority of the 1,970 or so members who unfortunately don’t have one,” said Stieger, in his usual moody mood, after the award ceremony.

It is a great honor to be included in this transnational network of scientists, artists and spiritual leaders. The academy’s forum deals with a large number of key topics and questions on an interdisciplinary basis and develops possible solutions across disciplines. Stieger is rector of the private Allensbach University of Applied Sciences based in Constance on Lake Constance.

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